Decking installation is an extremely popular choice for our Clientele. Whether Hardwood or Composite, decking gives a beautiful natural finish and can be used to great effect adding texture and warmth to a gardens palette.


There are a few key points to consider when choosing the correct decking material for you and we’re happy to offer advice based on over 10 years experience installing both timber and composite options.

If you’re looking for unrivalled natural colour and beauty you may which to choose a softwood option such as Ipe or Kebony, or perhaps a stylish softwood such as Western Red Cedar? These timber options are somewhat cheaper in the first instance but it’s worth noting that will require regular treatments and sanding to ensure they keep looking their best, and to avoid them becoming rotten or slippery. Composite options are more expensive initially but require little or no maintenance once they have been installed. We’ve been working with products from market leaders Millboard for over 10 years, but have worked with other leading brands such as Trex and Ecodeck ensuring a wide knowledge of brands, products and price points – putting us in an excellent position to offer you guidance if needed!




We will discuss with you which way the decking boards should be installed. When trying to match an interior floor, front to back may be the best option. Other times, to emphasise space, or to reduce waste, left to right may be the best option.

The construction of your deck normally begins with the removal of your old surface, whether it be an old deck or patio. Next, a frame is required to support the deck. This is constructed by either timber or composite joists, which are fixed to posts that have been dug and concreted into the ground, or fixed to masonry. The frame is normally constructed with joists that are 400mm apart, this helps keep the deck sturdy. To add stability, timber noggins are then added. Once the frame is secure, the decking can start. A slight fall would normally be required to assist with drainage.

There are many different fixing systems for every type of deck board, including stainless steel fixings or ‘hidden fixing’ systems. This would have been decided before installation.

The first board will be fixed in the desired direction, ensuring is square with the house. The subsequent boards will be installed square with the first board, allowing spaces for drainage.



There are other features that can really propel a simple deck to a stunning garden structure. The addition of edging boards, steps, lighting or a balustrade can take a deck to another level.

Greenscape Gardens have been specialising in decking installations for over 15 years. We can assist with all your decking requirements from the simplest structure to an intricate design with steps and in-built lighting systems.



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