Here at Greenscape Gardens we are aware of the impact that our day to day activities have on the environment around us. We are on a journey to reduce our waste, carbon emissions, and to keep striving for greener ways of working.

There has been a shift in social awareness and move towards more sustainable ways of living and working, which is, we think, particularly important in our industry which relies on the land around us.



Even as a small business, it can be surprising how much waste we are capable of accumulating. We have always tried to minimise our wastage and to re-use “waste” and salvaged materials where we can.

For Example: when we moved into our current premises we built our own secure storage facilities and waste sorting bays from pallets, fence panels and posts etc to enable excavated materials to be sorted for re-use or recycling where possible. Irresponsible waste disposal is one of the most damaging problems our environment faces. 




…..that on average, each of our mid to large scale projects involve at least 4 pallet deliveries. That’s 2 timber pallets which the vast majority of suppliers will not collect or re-use and so, end up being disposed of (by many) as waste, or possibly even burnt.

As a part of our commitment to waste reduction we have started to create a range of furniture items from reclaimed wood including bin stores, planters, seating and planters. Personally, we love the rustic and varied look of the timber and the who can argue with a beautiful handmade item that is good for your conscience as well as your home!

New for 2020, for all of our projects over £5000 + vat, upon request, we will construct our clients products from our reclaimed furniture range free of charge with the recycled pallets from deliveries for their project.

Please share photos of these bespoke pieces on social media with the #wastenotwantnot hashtag to raise awareness in the industry!


Here at Greenscape Gardens, we are all about recycling!!!!

Not only do we recycle our excavated concrete, which gets sold back to us as MOT type 1 sub base and soil, which is screened, at our yard, we are able to store many materials that have been deemed as ‘waste’

We like to re-use old paving stones to lay bases, re use fence panels and timber and we also store many products such as edging, bricks and tiles that we have reclaimed from gardens. We then like to offer these products for free to potential clients in the future.

Although clients generally want ‘new’ materials, we are getting more and more enquiries to use reclaimed and recycled materials.

GreenScape’s MD Carl Chaney has recently taken up the challenge to construct his own garden using only reclaimed/recycled materials. We will post the photos of the garden soon...you will be amazed that the whole garden has been created from ‘waste’

Ethically sourced materials:

Since the natural stone explosion around 15 years ago, the availability of natural stones such as Sandstone’s and Limestone’s has dramatically increased. Many of these products are quarried from countries such as India by hand.

It is imperative that only ethically sourced paving is used by our industry to ensure that the exploitation of workers is eradicated.

We therefore only use companies that assure us of their ethically sourced products.