Here at Greenscape Gardens we are aware of the impact that our day to day activities have on the environment around us. We are on a journey to reduce our waste, carbon emissions, and to keep striving for greener ways of working.

There has been a shift in social awareness and move towards more sustainable ways of living and working, which is, we think, particularly important in our industry which relies on the land around us.


Despite its connection with nature, our industry faces the same struggles as many others when it comes to sustainability and our impact on the environment. Even as a small business, it can be surprising how much waste can be created on each project.

We always try to minimise our waste and for as long as we can remember, we’ve been re-using “Waste” and salvaged materials wherever possible - be it using old paving slabs to create the base for a new patio, using old fence panels and posts for constructing storage facilities at our premises, using delivery pallets to create bespoke seating or bricks from a recently demolished fireplace to create a BBQ).

Our Surrey yard enables us to sort and recycle as much as we possibly can, along with providing space to store unwanted materials for future use. Reclaimed materials can add a fantastic aesthetic (and story!) to a garden.



...As the state of our environment becomes increasingly prominent, we are committed to continuing to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are committed to continuing to educate ourselves and finding new working practises within our industry to help become a greener company.

We are excited to work with a growing number of clientele who share this passion and who want to create garden spaces with this in mind.


As the demand for natural stone has boomed over the last 15-20 years, so has our consumer conscience. As such, large suppliers in particular have made extra effort to ensure that their products are ethically sourced. Our key suppliers all uphold their ethical promises and we will always prioritise products and companies who can assure us of their production methods and worker conditions.