AWARD WINNER 2018/2020
In the summer of 2017, we were commissioned to undertake one of our most challenging and rewarding projects to date, a full garden landscaping in Surbiton, Surrey. Working for a husband and wife team of architects, there was a clear vision of what the space would be used for and indeed what it would look like. Using a grey/blue colour scale for the floor space and clean contemporary lines on white rendered blockwork, broken up with Western Red Cedar cladding, the garden would be a family friendly environment fit to entertain, dine and relax in throughout the year.
Association of Professional Landscapers Award Winner 2020
Landscape Gardens Award Winner 2018


Working in small spaces brings many challenges, the need to work in a neat, tidy and efficient manor was always at the forefront of our minds. Access to the site was entirely through the client’s house. With the property in constant use by a young family of four it was imperative that the site was kept clean and free of obstacles. Floors had to be covered and the property left each night as if we hadn’t been working there at all. Working in a narrow road with only a small front garden to take deliveries (1.6m x 4m), timing of ordering materials and arranging the delivery of them had to be perfect.


Firstly, footings with steel reinforcing were dug and poured with concrete to support concrete blocks to create the boundary wall and feature raised planters. All blockwork had 2 coats of render applied and was painted white. Porcelain paving and smaller Granite cobbles were installed and separated by 100mm wide strips of resin bound marble chippings. Joinery included Western Red Cedar cladding and a bespoke built ‘invisible’ gate within one of the panels. To help with the dining element of the brief, a bespoke brick BBQ was constructed using reclaimed fire proof bricks. The bricks were removed from Carl’s (director of Greenscape Gardens Ltd) own chimney breast, which was removed from his house. This gave huge satisfaction knowing that these 100-year old bricks were to be used again and are also a big feature of the garden design.


Limestone was the original material selected to pave the area but after discussions with the client, we recommended Marshalls Symphony vitrified 600x600mm Porcelain paving stones as they are less prone to staining and algae growth, are more durable and have better colour longevity. 200x100mm charcoal black granite cobbles were used in stretches across the garden to add another texture as the client was conscious the floor space should not look one dimensional.The two types of paving were divided by 100m wide margins filled with resin bound marble. This gave a colour contrast whilst still working within the grey scale.

Western Red Cedar was the timber chosen for the cladding. The colour was a big factor in this decision as the cladding was not only included to break up the large areas of white blockwork but to add warmth to the project. All timber was treated with two coats of an acrylic preserver to slow the silvering process of the timber.


To create a practical relaxed dining experience within the garden, a bespoke Western red Cedar bench was constructed using 75 x 75mm beams, which were installed to allow comfortable seating without compromising the space.

Custom built Western Red Cedar cladding panels to add texture to a vast white surface.

Water feature including 600mm waterfall, invisible pipework and custom-built block and render pool to match raised planters.

Bespoke brickwork BBQ using reclaimed heat resistant bricks and contemporary rendered finish.


A much loved, established Wisteria was kept and a new planter was constructed to house it. With a colour scheme of purple and blue with silver leaf, new plants were installed to soften the lines created by the hard landscaping. Verbena Bonariensis give natural, non-architectural feel as well as creating height and movement. A living green space was created within the paving to not only enable the client to grow their own herbs but to add a new texture and an element of fragrance to the garden.


Job, as well as client satisfaction, is a huge part of what we do here at Greenscape Gardens Ltd and it was achieved on this project. The time taken over every decision, every slab, cobble, brick and block, and the accuracy in every cut length of timber allowed us to leave safe in the knowledge that we had done all that we could, to leave the clients with the garden space they had dreamed of and could enjoy for years to come. The clients had a clear vision of what the area would look like and it was a pleasure working with them as they allowed us to use our knowledge of materials and experience in the field to take the finished project to the next level. We always aim to leave a project feeling proud of what we have achieved, and this can certainly be said here.
Association of Professional Landscapers Award Winner 2020Pro Landscaping Award Winners 2018